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Jeff Becker on Friday Taproom

Serving Beer: 5-10pm (Happy Hour 5-6pm $1 off pints)

Music: Jeff Becker 6-10pm

Food: Blake's Steaks 6-10pm

Free Parking.

Pet & Family Friendly. 

Please No Outside Food. 

Jeff Becker:

My name is Jeff Becker, I'm from Bryan, TX born and raised, currently residing in Austin, TX. Acoustic EP- "Somewhere Free". Released 10/05/16. Check it out, I really poured myself out into this one. My goal is to do for others that which music, at its best, has done for me. This was forefront in my mind during the creating process for this release.

My ultimate aim and dream is to achieve that with every single listener who experiences my music. I also really just wanna be known. Music gives me a outlet for expression quite unlike anything I've ever really experienced. I started writing songs back in Fall of 2013. I've been going at it ever since. Man- it's been such a journey! At times arduous and soul crushing, at times breathtaking and magical; I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything. I try to be grateful to be able to play music in any capacity. That being said, I'm grateful to have had such ample opportunity to make music as liberally as I have over the past few years.

Cheers everyone- it's a really weird world out there. Looking out I see a haze and a maze. What I do know- life tends to make a whole lot more sense in finding music I can really identify with. I try to find a common voice out there that says something that resonates with me. Something that moves me, that grips me. What's cool is that it doesn't always have to be a voice, a lot of the time the instrumentals do a lot that the lyrics could never achieve. Find music that speaks to you, it's everywhere, not just on the internet!

Earlier Event: March 9
Private Event - CLOSED

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