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Julia Lucille

At the age of twenty-nine, singer/songwriter, Julia Lucille has established a disposition and sense of self-awareness that has become a rarity in the oft subconsciously self-absorbed music industry. Moving from the sleepy California town she grew up in, Lucille ventured to the over-stimulating Portland, Oregon for college, then to the completely contrasting isolated Moon Phase Ranch in Dripping Springs, where she found it easy to focus her energy on music and personal healing. Here she worked with Cross Record at Dandy Sounds to record an album, and also began her deeply personal and stripped down project ‘Bedroom Tapes.’


Julia now resides in Austin, TX, where has become submerged in the booming, and frequently competitive art community. Here she has spent four years delving even further into her music progression and gaining the respect of her peers, being a part of festivals like SXSW, and sharing bills with the likes of Mitski and Jillian Rae.


Staying still has never been her forte, and she is now dedicating her next phase to being on the road as much as possible, entrancing one group of people at a time. With the sense that you never know when she will slip back into isolation, you want to catch Lucille while you can. Regardless of what your intentions are in the beginning of her set, you will undoubtedly end up contented and floating in the sea of her delicate, introspective sound.

Earlier Event: December 24
Closed for the Holidays
Later Event: January 26
Glen Tate Live at New Republic

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