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Glen Tate and Blake's Steaks Food Truck

Glen Tate is a singer/songwriter currently based out of Bryan, Texas who specializes in composing catchy acoustic pop songs about the profound impact of everyday love and loss. His songs feature a clear writing style which describe complex and confusing emotions in a relatable and easily understandable way, set to a powerful and percussive acoustic playing style, and a traditionally trained vocal range, which is more expanded than is usual for the acoustic pop genre.


 Glen has fronted various regionally popular touring power-pop and hard rock bands such as Shortbus Superheroes, We Are The Murder, and Anything Twice. With a backround in music education, he has also gladly hosted multiple open mics in the Brazos Valley, doing his best to foster and mentor young local talent.

Blake's Steaks will be ready to serve at 6pm

All orders ship out of the brewery within 1 week. Stock subject to change  based on merchandise sold during Taproom hours.

Branding: Flywheel - Layout: Cameron Shults - Photos: Aaron Deering, Cameron Shults and Jay Robinson