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Bend and Brew

Join us an hour before taproom Saturday Nov. 21st from 4-5 pm for a session of yoga while drinking amazing beer.

We have the instructors from OM Grown Yoga and Tea Bar leading the session and of course, our full wall of taps will be available for consumption. So stretch yourself out, drink a little, stretch a little further, drink a little deeper, and repeat this cycle as many times as necessary to feel good.  

Afterwards its a full night at our taproom; Big Daddy Z's is coming with their amazing surf and turf classics while Golden Sombrero, Corusco and Race to the Moon will be playing a variety of jams through the night. 

All orders ship out of the brewery within 1 week. Stock subject to change  based on merchandise sold during Taproom hours.

Branding: Flywheel - Layout: Cameron Shults - Photos: Aaron Deering, Cameron Shults and Jay Robinson